About Us

Who We Are


At IntelMed, we believe in the power of medical technologies to enhance and improve the lives of our customers and of the larger community we serve. In our years of providing medical technology services, we have established ourselves as a company that cares. We have survived and thrived by providing the optimal equipment, service and care, delivered with compassion and integrity.

Today, we stand as one of the most active medical device distributor companies and take pride in advancing medical innovation in the Middle East, offering technologies and solutions to treat a wide range of medical conditions including cardiac and peripheral diseases, neurological conditions and more.

We remain committed to our mission to ensure people of all ages are in good health in every stage of life. We are always looking for opportunities to increase access and affordability and create healthier communities. Securing healthy minds, bodies and environments and making sure they are within reach of everyone is at the core of what we do.


We are highly dedicated to patient care and all our services are centered around developing meaningful connections with our patients. We are always seeking to improve our offerings through acquiring new solutions and advanced medical technologies in order to meet our patients needs.


Providing high quality, accessible health care is our top priority. We are committed to excellence and we strive without reserve for the greatest possible reliability and quality in our products and services.


We always act with sincerity and use our high ethical standards and core values to guide our decisions and actions. Throughout our daily practice, we build trust among all stakeholders.


We deliver value to patients by providing breakthrough medical devices. We constantly look to the needs of our patients and doctors in the wider medical community to identify the areas of greatest urgency which require the introduction of a new therapy.

Our story


words from the founder

Our goal is to supply breakthrough medical devices for the wider medical community while maximizing clinical outcomes for patients and ultimately reducing health expenditures for our societies. This has been our simple credo since we established IntelMed in 2011.

We developed IntelMed and centered our long-term growth strategy on three main pillars: Therapy Innovation, Globalization and Economic Value. Within a few years, we became the regional leader of innovative medical technology.

We emphasize our commitment to offer medical devices of outstanding quality, to meet and exceed patients, doctors and nurses’ expectations. 

Our success is the result of the tremendous efforts by our talented team of professionals dedicated to providing optimal services to all our customers. Maintaining an excellent team is our priority, and we strive to continuously improve our working environment and maximize career opportunities within our company. Our efforts are pursued to uphold our leading position within the medical community and to satisfy our mission.

Our ultimate devotion is to provide medical community with the latest therapies as “our industry does not respect tradition, it only respects innovation”.

our team

future outlook

Continued efforts to advance healthcare through constant market follow-up and continuous education for physicians and other medical professionals.

Expanding product diversity to complement existing lines thereby strengthening and entrenching relations with clients while concentrating on state of the art in medical technologies.

Strengthening presence in the region with more key products and providing suppliers with clinical support regionally to enhance product familiarity and maximize the clinical benefit.

Enhance and improve the quality of life for the patients and of the larger community we serve through innovative medical technologies.