Heart Failure


The SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart (TAH) saves lives by providing a new hope for patients with end-stage bi-ventricular heart failure when a donor heart isn’t available. Just like a human heart, it is pulsatile and consists of two ventricles and four valves that pump blood throughout the body. more


The Jarvik-2000 is a non-pulsatile axial-flow left ventricular assist device (LVAD) that is largely used in patients who present in end-stage heart failure, as a bridge to transplant support or destination therapy. By utilizing the heart’s remaining strength, the Jarvik 2000 Left Ventricular Assist Device takes a simple, unobtrusive approach to circulatory support. more

Percutaneous Ventricular Assist Device

The World’s Smallest Heart Pump is a support system of percutaneous, catheter-based devices offering hemodynamic support to the heart. The Impella® 5.0 heart pump can be a safe treatment option for you to address your advanced heart failure and cardiogenic shock. more

Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement

The Revivent TC™ Transcatheter Ventricular Enhancement System enables volume reduction through micro-anchors designed to exclude left ventricular scarred myocardial tissue. more

Heart Failure